Norfolk Group proudly presents to you “The Touch of Arts” Night  – The night all timeless artistic values are gathered in the modern space.

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Attending the event, guests can enjoy:

– The Art of Painting through the most precious masterpieces (exclusively owned by Norfolk Group) of renowned artists who laid the foundations for the Vietnamese Art of Painting such as Bui Xuan Phai, Nguyen Gia Tri, Duong Bich Lien, Nguyen Sang.

– The Art of Fashion through the special Ao Dai collection designed exclusively for this event by Vo Viet Chung designer.

– The Art of Culinary through traditional Vietnamese dishes such as the notable “Banh Cuon” by Chef Lynh as well as modern delicacies such as Black Angus beef steak specially prepared and served with secret recipe by the British Chef with more than 20 years of culinary experience.

Join us to step into the art world and immerse yourself in the ultimate creative ambiance!

To reserve your space, as tickets are required, please contact:

Ms. Duong via +84 (0) 903388767


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