The Northern Territory-Vietnam Business Council (NTVBC) cordially invites you to the NTVBC Business Conference and Tour from 28 July to 2 August 2016.

The event will include the Inaugural Members’ Conference and Luncheon in Darwin on 29 July 2016.

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About the Northern Territory-Vietnam Business Council (NTVBC)

Northern Territory-Viet Nam Business Council Inc.(NTVBC) is a member group dedicated to forming business and commercial ties between the two regions of the Northern Territory in Australia and Vietnam.

We see similarities in both climate and lifestyle in both regions, differing in geography and seasonal timing and population density. The NTVBC wants to take advantage of these similarities and differences for the advantage of our members, benefiting both regions.

Where Vietnam can supply raw materials, the Northern Territory can supply the needed technical value-added component.

Where the Northern Territory has an over-supply of quality food product, Vietnam has the population who would like to sample said product. We intend to hold conferences to promote business and network events for our members every year.

Our inaugural meeting was held November 2015.

We will help members from either region to develop a foothold in business. Supporting them with extensive knowledge bases from the founding members, and create outreach systems to attract new and exciting opportunities for your business network and company.

Upcoming events

  • 27 July – 2 August 2016
    Member delegation to NT; Darwin-Katherine. Tour of member offices, farms, NT natural attractions
  • 7 – 12 October, 2016
    HCMC – Vung Tau – Danang – Vinh conference. NTVBC Golf Challenge, Danang Greg Norman Golf Course.

From the NTVBC Chairman, Mr Nguyen Ngoc My (Mr My is Chairman of the Vabis Group, an AusCham Member)

We are so pleased and proud to have established this business council, a hope and goal of mine for some years now after having visited the fine city of Darwin 4 years ago. Having known very little about the NT till this point, I only regret having never visited earlier. I have grown very fond of the state with all its natural majesty and fine hardworking community. There are parallels to both regions in terms of climate, geography and people.  I see great potential and know that the ties the members of this council will be long lasting and positive.

Vietnam’s frenetic developing economy wants running partners, and  will be open to sharing goals, experience and opportunities to the benefit of both regions. We will strive for unilateral communication for both sides and hope for open dialogue and communication to be positive and transparent in nature.

I am honored to be chair for the inaugural biennial chair term, the next in July 2018 will be the first member elected chairman from the Northern Territory. We intend to alternate the post of Chairman between the Northern Territory and Vietnam each member term.