Vietnam Investment Review, 13-19 July 2015. (AusCham Member) Nui Phao emerges as world player in tungsten market.

Below is an edited extract of the original article which appears on Page 9 of the Vietnam Investment Review (hard copy), dated 13-19 July 2015.

With the successful commissioning of the Nui Phao Mine and processing plants for value added chemical products, Vietnamese company, Masan Resources has been the first to do something no one else in the world has done in 15 years: bring a new source of tungsten production to the market.

Located in the northern province of Thai Nguyen, the Nui Phao project… is also potentially game changing – the mine is expected to represent nearly one third of the global tungsten production outside of China, producing up to 6,000 tonnes of tungsten per year.

Masan Resources has all the conditions necessary to transform the market – not simply participating in it, but driving the industry by its scale and significance… The Nui Phao project is being viewed as a secure and reliable source for manufacturers (of cars, airplanes and iPhones) who cannot find a mineral or chemical substitute. As one of the lowest-cost producers of tungsten in the world, Nui Phao can be profitable even at the bottom of the commodity scale…

  • To view the complete and unabridged article, please find a copy of page 9 of the Vietnam Investment Review (hard copy), dated 13-19 July 2015.
  • Nui Phao Mining will be a participating employer at AusCham’s Higher Education to Employment Fair held in Hanoi this week on 15 July 2015.

Nui Phao, Vietnam Investment Review



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