On 20 October 2015, former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating was in conversation with political journalist, Kerry O’Brien as part of the Ideas at the House series. Below is the You Tube link and the official blurb from the website.


Paul Keating, visionary, reformer, true believer, rabble rouser, polymath, and our most intriguing prime minister bares his soul to the country’s sharpest political interviewer, Kerry O’Brien.

Kerry and Paul wrestle with history to produce a tour de force of political wisdom and personal insight that weaves through the Keating years in a unique and compelling way.

Building on the transcripts of the must-watch ABC TV event of 2013 – Keating: the Interviews – Kerry has gathered an enormous bank of new material, gleaned during many hours of further conversation with Keating, to create a book that is more forensic and all-encompassing than the very successful TV series.

Kerry O’Brien captures the hallmarks of the man – the nimble mind, the wit, the grandeur of vision, the complexity and the stubborn drive for power – as Keating explains the historic events, back room stoushes and moments of drama and pathos that the political world inevitably holds.


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