1. Objective and scope of the data collection

Data collection is basically executed on AUSCHAM VN, including mandatory information: full name, email, phone number, username, password and optional information: corporate name, corporate address, position (“Data”). Upon signing up for AUSCHAM VN, and for verification to best protect user’s benefits, all the above mentioned data shall be submitted by user to AUSCHAM VN.
Users shall take full responsibility for personal security and activity log under registered name, password and email. Additionally, users shall notify AUSCHAM VN of any conduct related to mistreatment, abuse, security violation, illegal retention of a third party.

  1. Scope of data use

AUSCHAM VN shall use data of User (Member and Non-Member) for the purposes of:

  • Bringing categories of Membership and Events that are hosted by AusCham to the users;
  • Delivery notification on exchange of information between the users and AUSCHAM VN;
  • Avoidance of acts of vandalism or frauds;
  • Contacting the user in specific cases.
  • Verification and transaction-related issues on AUSCHAM VN.
  • Where AUSCHAM VN is legally required or requested by the relevant judicial authorities including the Procuracy, the Court of Justice, or investigating agencies and only in cases of illegal acts by the respective users, submission of users’ data.
  • AUSCHAM VN will only use Data (including: portrait photo, full name and email) of users who are Members of AusCham Vietnam to promote to other Member users.
  1. Data storage duration

The data shall be stored until securely in AUSCHAM VN host unless deleted on request.

  1. Data collection and management center:

Australian Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam

Main office: 2nd Floor, Eximland Building, 179EF Cach mang thang tam, Ward 5, Dist.3, HCMC, Vietnam

Telephone: 028 3832 9912/13/14


  1. Means and tools to edit and manage data
  • In cases where Users forget their passwords or get blocked due to multiple unsuccessful sign-ins, for the purpose of support and re-issue of passwords or re-establishment of accounts or change “Data”, they can send a request or ask for support from AusCham via telephone 028 38329912 or email
  • Users are able to issue complaints and information to the Management of AUSCHAM VN regarding the unwilling disclosure of their data to any third party. Upon receipt, AUSCHAM VN Management must verify the submitted information, respond, and give instructions on how to recover and secure the data.
  1. Commitment on data safety
  • AUSCHAM VN shall commit to fully protect the data and other personal information accordingly through its personal information security policy. Collection and usage of each user’s data are carried out only with consent from the data’s owner unless otherwise stated in the relevant legislation.
  • No use, no assignment, supply or disclosure to any third party of the data is allowed without the respective data owner’s agreement.
  • In case of hacked or compromised server, resulting in the loss of any data, AUSCHAM VN must take responsibility to notify to the relevant authorities for proper and timely resolution as well as to inform the users of such loss.
  • All online transactional information of the Members including accounting invoice and digitalized documents at the data section of AUSCHAM VN’s level-1 safety database centre.
  • The Management of AUSCHAM VN shall require each person registering Membership to fully provide relevant personal information: Full name, address, email, ID number, phone number, account number, payment card number, etc. and take full legal responsibility to the accuracy of all the above information. AUSCHAM VN shall not be held accountable for resolving complaints related to customers’ benefits if the provided information is inaccurate.

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