Online voting for the election of directors to AusCham’s 2015 National Board is now open for Voting Members.

For profiles of all candidates, please see below for HCMC (8 Directors will be selected from 12 candidates) and Hanoi (4 Directors will be selected from 5 candidates).

Candidates are listed under their base city. Their order of appearance is as follows:

  1. 2014/15 Directors – with portfolios on the current Board (by order)
  2. 2014/15 Directors – unassigned (by random selection)
  3. New candidates (by random selection)

HCMC Candidates (8 Directors to be selected from 12 candidates):

1. [2014/15, President] Mr. Brian O’Reilly – Managing Director, SEA Management

Company: SEA Management – Title: Managing Director

Brian has been a member of AusCham for over 14 years and has served on the Board for over 6 years. He holds the position of President and has also served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the HCMC Chapter. He also Chaired AusCham’s Advocacy Committee for a number of years representing AusCham at the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF). He is actively involved in the VBF Education and Training working group where he was Co-Chair for a number of years. Brian will continue to work to help AusCham become more effective in serving the interests of all AusCham members across Vietnam.

2. [2014/15, Treasurer] Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Ha – Head of Alternative Distribution, ANZ Vietnam

Company: ANZ Vietnam – Title: Head of Alternative Distribution

I am Tran Thi Thuy Ha. I have been the Treasurer of Auscham Vietnam for more than 3 years and Auscham Director one year prior to that. I am a Vietnamese with great connection to Australia and Australian business: graduating from Australia, working for 15 years at ANZ Vietnam (currently Head of Alternative Distribution). I can help Auscham with its financial reporting under prudent governance as well as connecting the dots between Vietnamese and Australians from different angles where I can. So vote for me.

3. [2014/15, Secretary] Mr. Jamie Rossall – Country Manager, Crown Worldwide

Company: Crown Worldwide – Title: Country Manager

I am now in my 12th year living and working in Vietnam and have lived and worked in both Hanoi and HCMC. During this time I have amassed some great local knowledge and understand the challenges we all face on a daily basis both socially and business wise. I’ve enjoyed my time on the board year to date and would like to continue to be there for you all, to offer any guidance, assistance and support where I can.

4. [2014/15, Director] Mr. Greg Ohan – Head of Office Services, CBRE Vietnam  

Company: CBRE Vietnam -Title: Head of Office Services

I have have been an AUSCHAM board member for the past year. Having worked for CBRE Australia, Hong Kong and the last 4 years in Vietnam, this has allowed me to understand the difficulties and complexities business’ face when entering & operating in our market. I travel regularly to Hanoi which gives me a good understanding of the “big” issues. Always happy to work on the challenging committees – membership, finance and events. Am settled in Vietnam, and have learnt to play golf very badly.

5. [2014/15, Director] Mr. Carl Gay – General Director, Indochine Engineering Vietnam Ltd                

Company: Indochine Engineering Vietnam Ltd – Title: General Director

Carl has enjoyed one year on the board, and recognizes an opportunity to refocus on business needs via a newly established business working group. Initiatives for the coming year include reinvigorating business connections, accessing experience via a mentor group for the 10+s, connecting business with interns, and revitalizing ASEAN links and business connections. Carl has been in Vietnam 20 years, owns and leads Indochine Engineering, a leading engineering consultancy in Vietnam, and is expanding elsewhere in ASEAN. Enjoys cycling, wine and family … See you at the AGM.

6. [2014/15, Director] Mr. Shane Dillon – Director of Sales, Blue Cross Vietnam

Company: Blue Cross Vietnam – Title: Director of Sales

Shane has worked in Asia for 12 years and in Vietnam for 8 years. He is an incumbent member of the AUSCHAM board where he has focused his time on the promotion of the chamber member’s business interests and connections in Vietnam. Over the last 12 months he has worked closely with the AUCHAM team on events and relationship management with business and educational groups in Vietnam. Shane is committed to serving the needs of AUSCHAM members and to the group’s development in Vietnam.

7. [2014/15, Director] Ms. Chau Ta – Legal Counsel – Transactions, SC Capital Partners 

Company: SC Capital Partners – Title: Legal Counsel – Transactions

I am an Australian “Viet Kieu” lawyer specializing in real estate investments/transactions – and married to a Vietnamese. I have been living and working in Vietnam coming 9 years and on served as a director of Auscham for the past 2 years. Although a lawyer, I am very business centric and can understand and anticipate concerns of investors looking to invest into Vietnam and/or Australia. With my cross nationalities, and as a member of the board, I hope to provide Australian and Vietnamese businesses a bridge to mend the gaps both in the differences in culture as well as the legal vs practical gaps via consultation when needed, representations as well as organizing informative events such as the Real Estate Symposium (this year to be the 3rd).

8. [2014/15, Director] Dr. David A Robinson – MBA Director, RMIT University Vietnam 

Company: RMIT University Vietnam – Title: MBA Director

Dr. David Robinson was recently appointed to the Auscham board and is now seeking election. He has 40 years industry and academic experience, having held managerial and executive positions in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and management consulting, leading major industry and company-specific projects.

Dave was born in England, grew up in South Africa and got Australian residency in 2000. He taught MBAs in three Australian universities and as a frequent visiting professor in South Africa, China and Taiwan. He was a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and Deputy Chair of the National Education and Employment Foundation. Dave moved to Vietnam in 2013 and is currently head of post-graduate programs and MBA Director in the RMIT Asia Graduate School.

9. Mr. Rod Quinton – CEO, Saigon Sound System

Company: Saigon Sound System – Title: Chief Executive Officer

Rod has lived in VN for 17 years and formerly served on Auscham as a Board Member as well as Chairman of the HCMC Committee and National President of Auscham. Rod wishes to help reconnect AusCham with the wider Australian community, including sporting and other interest groups, as well strengthening cooperation with official Government/DFAT representation in Vietnam. Rod wants to focus on spreading Aussie goodwill further and wider though considered programs and events as well as pursuing the opportunity to stregthen Auscham’s business focus.

10. Mr. Jesse O’Brien – Marketing Manager, Advance Vision Technology

Company: Advance Vision Technology – Title: Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, APAC for Advance Vision Technology, Jesse is pushing the boundaries of traditional Marketing and Information Technology models. Responsible for developing localised strategies across offices in Australia, Vietnam and China, this understanding of operating in different markets concurrently requires an open and flexible approach. Jesse is excited to be running for the AusCham board to contribute his experience and ideas to see the chamber grow across all levels, providing significant value to key sponsors and members alike, and helping set a clear direction for the future.

11. Mr. Minh Duong – Partner, Asia Counsel

Company: Asia Counsel – Title: Partner

Minh is a lawyer admitted to the NSW Supreme Court and High Court of Australia and has over eight years of experience advising multinationals and foreign investors with their investments in Vietnam.As an AUSCHAM board member, Minh will work to make investment and business conditions more business friendly for members and investors generally.Minh is a marathon and long distance runner and he will always be running for you on the AUSCHAM board.

12. Mr. Kent Wong – Partner, VCI Legal      

Company: VCI Legal – Title: Partner

SMEs – As a partner in a mid-sized law firm, I am committed to promoting the interests of SMEs in AusCham. Advocacy – I have long advocated for Australian business interests and understand the difficulties businesses encounter in Vietnam’s legal framework Community – I value the AusCham community as a place for networking and socializing and will continue to support activities to strengthen members’ professional and personal connections. Contribution– I would like to give back to those in the AusCham community who have helped me in the past 3 years and encourage greater involvement of current members.

Hanoi Candidates (4 Directors to be selected from 5 candidates):

1. [2014/15, Vice President] Mr. Giles Cooper – Partner, Duane Morris Vietnam

Company: Duane Morris Vietnam – Title: Partner

An AusCham board member for seven years, I focus on legal advocacy in areas including labor and work permit laws, enterprise law reform, mining services and market access. I bring with me 15 years experience working as a lawyer in Vietnam helping Australian and other foreign investors navigate the increasingly complex business environment. I seek re-election to the unified National Board’s second term with the intention of helping implement AusCham’s advocacy initiatives for the benefit of members nationwide.

2. [2014/15, Director] Mr. David W Carter – CEO of Aon Vietnam Ltd.

Company: Aon Vietnam Ltd. – Title: CEO

My name is David Carter. I am CEO of Aon Vietnam. Aon is Vietnam’s largest professional insurance broker and risk advisor and forms part of Aon Corporation headquartered in London. I have lived in the Mekong region for 6 years with the latest 1 year being in Hanoi. I am a past President of AusCham Cambodia where I served as an active member for 5 years. I am a firm believer in the purpose of AusCham bring to bring true value to members through support services and business events as well as advocacy work with host governments and the Australian Embassy. I have served on the board for the past year and seek reelection so that I can continue to contribute to the associations visions, values and cause.

3. [2014/15, Director] Mr. Adam McDonald – GM, InterContinental Hanoi Westlake

Company: InterContinental Hanoi Westlake – Title: General Manager

My name is Adam McDonald General Manager of InterContinental Hanoi Westlake. I have lived in Hanoi for three years and Asia for six. The hospitality sector is focused on listening to the customer and catering their service to meet these needs. Through my role I network daily with many visitors and residents of Hanoi. This gives me a great ability to share these experiences with the board to drive the support and direction of Auscham

4. Mr. Phillip Dowler – Head of Campus, Hanoi – RMIT University Vietnam

Company: RMIT University Vietnam – Title: Head of Campus, Hanoi

Phillip & his wife Leanne relocated to Vietnam in late 2012, previously the CEO of a rescue helicopter service. In October 2012 Phillip started working at RMIT as a lecturer in management, before taking of the role as Head of Department Management in Ho Chi Minh City.

Phillip then moved to Hanoi in February 2014 as Head of Campus RMIT Hanoi. He holds tertiary qualifications in Commerce, Accountancy, Risk Management & Education.

Phillip has a strong community mind, being a volunteer, board member & chairman of AFS student exchange. He was also a past board member of the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Phillip’s service to the community was recognized in the 2015 Australia Day Honours List, being awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia. In 2009 he was awarded a bronze bravery medal from the Royal Humane Society of Australasia.

5. Ms. Tori Dixon-Whittle – MD, TDWCo

Company: TDWCo – Title: Founder & Managing Director

I am the founder & managing director of TDWCo – a consultancy, coaching & training company which provides services to Embassies, public and private sector organisations and individuals globally in the realm of professional and personal development. I bring with me passion, dedication and 20+ years of experience in the business world, working with others to enable them to live and work to their full potential. I would love to extend these benefits to the Auscham community.

2015 Annual General Meetings: HCMC and Hanoi

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