Cyber crime is on the rise: According to a recent global survey by PwC, many executives are declaring cyber as the risk that will define our generation. At
PwC Vietnam, we’ve recently launched our Cyber Security Services to help clients adapt to this reality, secure their business in the digital environment and turn risks into advantages.

An inconvenient truth

• Cyber attackers are now more organized, attacks more sophisticated, and threats more dangerous than ever before.

• Cyber incidents have happened to every sector: public companies, hospitals, electricity and power supply and private businesses.

• They could occur to developed countries as well as emerging countries like Vietnam, which is ranked 4th out of 25 countries in Asia for cybersecurity risks, according to antivirus software company Bitdefender.

A critical issue for all organisations

All organisations are connecting to their business partners or third-party service providers, which may put them in jeopardy of attacks. Employees bring to work their own devices like smartphones or tablets which could become the source of data breaches. Also with the growth of social media, employees are increasingly exposed to phishing that leads to cyber breaches.

The digital age provides a wealth of opportunities for organisations to grow and progress. However in seizing these opportunities, organisations can make themselves more vulnerable to very real and increasing cyber security threats, and risk damaging their reputation.

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