On 10 September 2013, the Ministry of Finance issued Circular
128/2013/TT-BTC (Circular 128) stipulating a number of new regulations
on customs procedures; customs control and supervision; import and
export duty; duty administration on import and export goods as follows:

1. Advance rulings:

– Circular 128 provides detailed provisions for applying advance rulings in respect of classification, valuation and origin.

2. Timeline for duty payment:

For goods imported under export production procedure, in order to enjoy
import duty deferral for 275 days, duty payers need to meet the
following requirements:

  • To own a manufacturing plant that is appropriate for the imported materials.
  • To
    perform export/import activities for at least 2 years from the declared
    date of the imported materials with good compliance record both from a
    customs and accounting perspective.
  • If enterprises cannot meet
    the above requirements, they can still enjoy duty deferral for 275 days
    if they submit a bank guarantee to the Customs authorities.

– No late payment penalty in case companies pay additional duties associated with temporary import price.

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