A recent report shows that cybercriminals receive an estimated 1,425 per cent return on their investment when purchasing exploit kits and ransomware schemes, which trick organisations into paying hackers who have installed malicious software on their computers. That makes cybercrime one of the most profitable industries in the world – even more lucrative than drugs.

However, many Vietnamese business leaders still think that a cyberattack could only happen to “other” people or hold the mindset of “locking the barn door after the horse has bolted”.

To shed more light on these issues, Robert Trong Tran, Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Services at PwC Vietnam recently published an article on this topic onVietnam Investment Review and Báo Đầu tư.

Please click PwC Vietnam NewsBrief_Cybercrime article_VIR_EN for more information and PwC Vietnam NewsBrief_Cybercrime article_VIR_EN for Vietnamese version.


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