[ABC Rural, 15 May 2015.] ABC Rural is reporting, in an article by Matt Brann published on 15 May 2015 that there is Record money for live cattle exports to Vietnam: Heavy steers selling for $2.50/kg.

An edited extract of the original article appears below.

In what is understood to be a first for the live cattle trade, heavy steers shipped out of Darwin are getting more dollars per kilogram than light feeder steers.

Heavy steers to Vietnam (over 450 kilograms) are fetching up to $2.50/kg, compared to feeder steers to Indonesia (under 350 kilograms) which have eased in price to around $2.40/kg.

Andy Gray from the Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association (NTLEA) says the money on offer for quality heavy steers is a record for the Top End’s cattle industry.

“It’s unprecedented…”, he told ABC Rural.

“Even the older bullocky type animals, we can still get around $2.20/kg, which is exceptionally good money.

“The feedlot capacity [in Vietnam] is very limited and so the market is after cattle that are ready-to-slaughter, and that’s where the demand is coming from.

“Supply [of heavy steers] is pretty tight in the north and demand is high, and they’re the factors that drive our market.”

As first reported by ABC Rural, there has already been shipments of cattle to Vietnam leave from southern ports of Australia such as Port Adelaide, and Mr Gray believes it is “quite likely” more southern ships will be needed to meet the Vietnamese demand…


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