Event Name:            RMIT Career Week Presentation
Date:                        Thursday 31 October 2013
Location:                  RMIT International Universaity, Kim Ma, Hanoi
Organiser:                Mr Ali Maghoo, RMIT University Careers Centre.
  1. Ali Maghoo, RMIT
  2. Graduating Students of RMIT Business programs (25 students)
  3. Ms Lyn, Head of Student Services RMIT, HCMC
Also in attendance :

  • I worked as Principal Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor at RMIT in Melbourne for 7 seven years, so I know the University and its operations and philosophy very well. I was also involved in the establishment of the campuses in Vietnam.
  • For the last 2 years, every 2 months or so, I have been presenting a session to RMIT students about Chambers of Commerce, AusCham and Business Networking.  It is a one hour lecture which includes role plays teaching students what to do, what to say and how to behave at business networking events such as AusCham’s Sundowners.  I recognise that RMIT graduates are a large group of potential business leaders in Vietnam and of course potential AusCham members.
  • As a result of these sessions I was invited to present as a special guest at Careers Week on 31 October from 1200 until 1330.
  • I have also been actively working with RMIT recognising their importance as a member and sponsor of AusCham and they have already sponsored one Sundowners event, and will sponsor another in November 2013.



  • The presentation was well received and students were active and happily participated in the role plays.
  • I will attend the Careers Week trade fair on Friday 1 November and I will be invited to the RMIT Graduation ceremony, as I was last year.
Action Items (If any):

  • Continuing work with the Careers Centre and encouragement of further involvement.


Prepared By:  David Whitehead, Chairman AusCham Hanoi.

Date:                   1 November 2013