Savills recently announced the second iteration of Impacts – Savills global thought leadership publication and research programme. This year is the ‘disruption issue’, looking at how widespread economic, political, demographic and technological upheaval is changing the world of real estate. How is the rise in populist politics affecting cross-border investment? Which cities are the most resilient to change in the coming decades? How is technology driving the repurposing of retail assets and the rise of new leisure concepts? Where will our food come from? And what are the forces disrupting the world’s prime residential markets? Impacts answers these questions and more.

From May 2019, Savills Vietnam will be sending out a series of articles around Impacts 2019 themes that are most relevant to our market.

Impacts 2019 series:


From its growing middle class to its huge demand for infrastructure, the region will play a key role in the coming decades, says Simon Smith, Head of Asia-Pacific Research, Savills.

  1. The Asia-Pacific 14 account for 65% of the world’s population

Sheer population size is one reason why the region will lead the 21st century, especially economically. Asia-Pacific’s 14 leading nations – China, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand – account for nearly two-thirds (65%) of the world’s population

2. The region drives global economic growth

The Asian Development Bank estimates that Asia-Pacific accounted for around 60% of global growth in 2017, and this share will rise further as Asian economies get larger. Last year, China’s economy grew by more than $800 billion, more than the GDP of Saudi Arabia. If we imagine that growth as a national economy, it would be the 19th largest in the world. The region’s economic growth will not only lead to demand for real estate as an investment, but also require more real estate development to support it in the future.

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