Savills Hotels hosted the fifth event of their “Meet the Experts” series, where hospitality experts are invited to share their valuable insights with Vietnamese Developers, which features the trendy topic “The new concept of Luxury, creating and embracing additional value”.

The “Meet the Experts” event is organized for hotel and real estate developers, owners and industry experts.The Savills Hotels team proposes new interesting and inspiring topics related to new trends or new products that will affect hospitality market. The aim is to inspire real estate developersabout what opportunities are coming and what elements that their next projects should focus on.

The event in April was divided into different sections, presented by four speakers. Mr Mauro Gasparotti, Director of Savills Hotels Asia Pacific presented the overview of global and Vietnam hospitality market as well as the future trends and how to capture those opportunities. Savills Hotels invited three hospitality experts, including Mr Andrew Pang from Yoo Asia Limited to present about branded resorts and the importance of design for the guest experience, Mr Chavatik Wanakasemsan (Winn) from Lub d Company Limited to discuss aboutMillennial clients and the future of social integration into hotels and Mr Kevin Wallace from Nikki Beach Hotels and Resorts Asia to explain how the entertainment industry can bring additional value for hospitality projects.

Mr Mauro Gasparotti highlighted that “Vietnam has experienced an unprecedented growth in the hospitality sector.Most of hotels and resorts have been very busy and there are lots of construction activities going on. Hospitality could become a very important part of the Vietnam economy. This is a perfect market for the development of pioneering products, thus we are expecting that innovations and new trends are integrated in upcoming projects”.

According to Mr Mauro,the developers seem to focus onshort-term market opportunities through capturing the strong growth in room demand. Overall, there is a lack of product diversification and developers tend to replicate what already exists, instead of making an effort to embrace new concepts. The hospitality industry is changing fast and many opportunities are opening for developers not only to plan for today’s room demand but also for future new categories of guests. Building a large room or lobby no longer delivers a sustainable competitive advantage and guest satisfaction.

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