GDP increased 6.4% year on year (YoY). There is a positive expectation the 6.7% annual growth target will be achieved.

Credit growth is boosting economic performance. Now at 11% and on line to achieve 21% by year end.

A registered FDI high of US$25.5 billion, up 34% YoY. Korea is back to the biggest source status with US$6.3 billion. HCMC projects registered US$3.7 billion FDI and lead major cities. US$12.5 billion was disbursed, 13% up YoY.

International arrivals increased 28% YoY to 9.4 million.

  1. RETAIL: Continuous Improved Performance

Total retail stock was nearly 1,280,000 m², up 0.4% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) and 7.4% year on year (YoY) with one project reopening approximately 32,000 m².

Average ground floor rents increased 2.9% QoQ and occupancy maintained its upward trend with 3.5 ppts QoQ growth. Shopping centres and retail podiums saw improvements in rents and occupancy.

Retail sales steady growth continued. Long term prospects for the economy remain positive. Four new projects are scheduled for Q4 launch and eight more will enter in 2018 providing over 234,000 m².

2. OFFICE: Reduced Supply & Increasing Occupancy

Total office stock was approximately 1,590,000 m2, down -1.7% QoQ and -2.8% YoY after three projects withdrew and one closed for renovation.

Average rents decreased -0.1% QoQ but increased 1.3% YoY while average occupancy increased 0.7 ppts QoQ and 6.5 ppts YoY. Of the three grades only B had improved performance.

Investment remained strong and numbers of newly-established enterprises increased 14 percent. Two new projects in Q4 and ten in 2018 will provide around 228,000 m2. Increasing supply pressure is expected in the West and Secondary areas.

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