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This business has developed and patented paranutritional prebiotic feed supplements for livestock that are about to be rolled out in the global dairy and cattle markets.

These multi-billion dollar industries are highly competitive with tight operating margins.

The inclusion of the product in dairy and cattle feed will deliver significantly greater quantities of higher quality food products at a lower price point.

In partnership with ethanol producers around the world, the product can be inexpensively manufactured in very high volumes.

In pelletised form, the daily feed supplement retails for A$0.80 per cow per day and is fed for 300 days per year. The company plans to be supplying 1million head by end of year 3.

For a dairy producer positive cash flow is generated within 90 days of beginning to feed.

For cattle farmers, it enhances daily live weight gain by up to 30% per day and reduces finishing time by 25%, thereby lowering the cost of feed and reducing fixed costs.

It also improves meat yield and tenderness with an additional 1-2 Wagyu score points.

For dairy farmers, annual cash surplus from naturally-increased milk solids production is improved by up to 50%.

It is also environmentally friendly being 100% natural, chemical free and sustainable reducing average herd methane emissions by up to 50% and a herd’s carbon footprint relative to production by up to 20%.

Funding Sought

This unlisted company is seeking pre-IPO funding of $3M.

It will be used for pre-sales in New Zealand, phase-in trials with new customers, commence trials with ethanol producers, marketing and cost of IPO planned for early 2018.

Ideal Partner

An investor with an interest in local and international beef and dairy industries and bioethanol producers. Also parties that have interest in potential distribution channels in Asia.

Further information

If you would like to learn more then contact the Relationship Manager by email to:

Stacey Martin of Expatriate Advisors Community




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