Hanoi, October 20th 2014Sheraton Hanoi Hotel is pleased to announce thatthe
Hotel is honor to
receive certificate of “Official Retailer of Premium
Hitachi beef” firstly in Vietnam by Ibaraki Governor delegation.

Ibaraki is located in the north of the Kanto Plain lying at the center of Japanese
Archipelago. The eastern edge of the prefecture is a 180 km-long coastline that
beautifully stretches along the Pacific Ocean. The rich soil, abundant natural
environs, and year-round mild climate are an ideal combination for nurturing
high-quality foodstuffs. One of the examples is the Hitachi Beef. This high-end
branded beef is, however, also a fruit of quality improvements and knowhow
development staunchly made by the designated farmers.

According to the Hitachi Fudoki, the Province of Hitachi (the current Ibaraki Prefecture)
looked like an Arcadia in its old days. Indeed the region, blessed with a
mellow land, has been a major agricultural site since ancient times, one of
prominent granaries in Japan.
Some records indicate that, in December 1832, the domain lord Tokugawa Nariaki built
a stock farm in Mito to raise black cattle. The farm, named Sakuranomaki, is
said to have been located around where Migawa-cho stands today.
In July 1976, a committee
was set up to promote the branding of Irabaki-beef. The committee assigned the
name Hitachi Cattle to the best local stock of the Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese
Black) breed. In 1977, the committee was organized into the current Ibaraki
Prefectural Association of the Promotion of Hitachi Beef. The Hitachi Cattle
were first colonized in the north of Ibaraki and then sent out to other
pastures across the prefecture. And, as a result of hard work and commitment of
those farmers around Ibaraki, the Hitachi Cattle came to be known as a superior

Hitachi Beefs is raised with the best fodder and best feeling technology in Ibaraki’s dynamic
natural environs.
According to the scales of the Japan Meat Grading Association, “Hitachi Beef” was graded 4 or 5
of the A or B class The rib roast, sirloin, fillet, and
rump cuts are moderately marble and tender.

Well-known as the best fine dining venue in town for 10 years, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel is
proud to receive this honor certificate and promise to deliver the flavorful
taste of Hitachi beef to gourmet lover with the best cooking
. Hitachi beef will be served at Hemispheres Steak
& Seafood Grill Restaurant from November 2014.