Vietnam Supply Chain, a  member of AusCham, has advised that fellow AusCham members are free to apply to its SME and Supply Chain program.

SME & Supply Chain program provides small and medium sized local enterprises the opportunity to evaluate their supply chain with supply chain professionals. This is an initiative by VSC to link Vietnamese SMEs with Industry professionals to offer a free of charge evaluation of their operations.

VSC sees an opportunity for local SMEs to leverage the knowledge of Industry professionals by helping them overcome issues in their supply chain. Following a structured set of half day workshops, quick wins to improve operations as well as long term objectives will be identified and discussed.

The first workshop will focus on understanding the Supply Chain operations of the SME and especially the current pain points. The pain points will be discussed in more detail during the second workshop and potential improvement initiatives will be defined. As final workshop, all potential solutions will be ranked  and the most promising initiatives selected for implementation.

As the SME Supply Chain Diagnostic is a new initiative by VSC, a pilot at 2-3 SMEs will provide insight in the usefulness of the initiative and how it could be further developed. Part of the pilot will be to link senior professionals with junior VSC members to enhance knowledge exchange and the training of future workshop leaders.

The outcome of the Project Activities will benefit all parties involved; the Vietnamese SME, the VSC Community and the Industry Professional.

For full details, terms and conditions of the program, please click here.