HR outsourcing services were officially legalized in the Vietnam’s new Labor Code that took effect last May. Outsourced employment has become increasingly common around the world nowadays and is regarded as one of the most effective and flexible solutions in acquiring human resources when needed.Most outsourced positions, however, are seasonal jobs at ongoing projects or jobs not requiring high skills or in-depth knowledge. Employers therefore only set basic standards and requirements with less attention to and investment in this workforce group, leading to only a loose relationship between employers and the outsourced employee. To better understand the specific expectations of both sides, Talentnet conducted a survey last month on 600 employees outsourced to more than 50 multinational companies in Vietnam.

The survey showed that up to 61 per cent of outsourced employees were very confident about this type of employment and almost all understood that the HR outsourcing company and the host company were two separate entities. This shows that although HR outsourcing services have only been legalized recently they have gained a certain level of awareness.

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