Early this week I had the opportunity to coach 2 teenagers. One was 15 and the other 17 years old. I have coached teenagers before and yesterday’s session was a very rewarding experience for all.

The 2 teenagers were having different difficulties brought on by the pandemic and lockdown. They both were really suffering mentally because of these challenging times.

The good news is that I delivered a coaching session with each of them, separately, and they had a wonderful breakthrough. They felt so good after the session, peaceful, calm, relaxed, regaining a sense of control, perspective, and clarity about their lives and the future.

You could see a big positive shift in their demeanor from start to finish.

Listen up.

Reflecting upon these 2 coaching sessions, our children are suffering just as much as we are, if not more!

They have less control of their environment as they are minors and this can add to their stress levels, impacting their mental health. It’s difficult to share with their friends as the schools are closed.

The concerns, feelings, sense of lack of control, feeling stuck, lack of confidence, worrying about the future, were no different to some of the emotions & challenges of the C-Level managers I coach on a daily basis.

Just because our children have smaller bodies, doesn’t mean they are suffering or hurting any less than we are. They are going through the same emotional rollercoaster that all of us are experiencing.

Love your children up more during these challenging times and allow them to voice their worries and concerns. Encourage them to express themselves, and listen.


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