Vietnamese are travelling to Australia for study in numbers higher than ever before. This year, it is estimated that there are 26,000 Vietnamese studying in Australia which is 4,000 more than last year. As a source of international students for Australia, Vietnam is only out ranked by China and India.

Vietnam is one of a few countries in Asia where Australia has been a preferred destination to the United States in terms of overseas education. In 2013, Australian education institutions received 10,000 more students than the USA and 26 per cent of all Vietnamese studying abroad.

Australia enjoys a reputation for high quality education and the Government’s “Streamlined Visa Processing” gives greater flexibility for students.


However, as Vietnam’s GDP growth rates have slowed in recent years and the standard of education providers in neighbouring countries has improved, genuine alternatives are presenting themselves. According to local government figures, approximately 35,000 Vietnamese are now studying regionally especially in Singapore, China and Taiwan.

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