“Lifestart Foundation works with incredibly strong and inspirational
people every day. While Western culture is progressively breaking down the
barriers and celebrating the achievements and abilities of people living with
disabilities, there remains a prominent stigma within Vietnamese culture. There
are many organizations working with children with disabilities, but few
providing relief and opportunities for adults. 

In the Quang Nam Province,
reliable employment and income can be very difficult to attain, and this is
only furthered for those living with physical or intellectual disabilities. For
many of our beneficiaries, their physical disability heavily hindered their
ability to obtain and education, furthering their marginalization within their
community. Despite this, and despite the hand of cards that they have been
dealt their whole life, our beneficiaries give us hope every day. Never without
a smile, they have moved through life constantly striving for more. 

The Lifestart Foundation Free Disability
Community Centre provides people living with disabilities in central Vietnam
with new and improved opportunities. The Centre works directly with adults
whose complex disabilities are a result of issues such as polio, war injuries,
cerebral palsy and accidents. The Centre offers expert professional one-on-one
assessments and depending on the patient’s special requirements they will
receive a supervised rehabilitation exercise plan, information on nutrition,
posture and details of locally based services. In addition, referral to a local
hospital for surgery or prosthetics is provided for those who require
specialist medical treatment.

Many people with disabilities live with
pain and other side effects that restrict their opportunities and heavily
impact their quality of life. Lifestart Foundation
aims to help provide relief for this pain through the work being done at our
Free Disability Community Centre.

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