Trish Franklin, founder of the Loreto Vietnam Australia Program, is a Lifetime Member of AusCham. Michael Adams has just published a biography on Trish. See below.


The Wonder of Her Love: The Biography of Trish Franklin, IBVM, by Michael Adams.

October 2015 | RRP $34.95 | Garratt Publishing

Trish Franklin, IBVM, a Loreto nun, is commonly regarded as a saint because of her total dedication to the poor and disabled, her work in refugee camps and in Vietnam. It is an accolade used when words fail to describe the wonder of her love.

To know Trish is to wonder at her work in developing the Loreto Vietnam Australia Program, which has lifted close on 30,000 children into higher levels of dignity, education and hope. She is an eminently practical woman radiating an infectious energy that puts us in touch with the ‘divine’.

How does a modern saint see God and religion? What spirituality and devotions sustain and grow her love and work? How does one from a close-knit family, who joined a religious community, find her human and spiritual sustenance in essentially a highly exposed, one-person life?

Saints are often cast in literature in an old-fashioned mould, devout and pious creatures far removed from our own sullied lives. If we regard a saint as one who is a boundless channel of goodness, a radiator of genuine love, one who points and leads to a better way of life for us all, then Trish well qualifies as a saint.

This book is a celebration of one loved by so many, a tribute to an indomitable spirit, and a record of the remarkable journey of an extraordinary person.

If there is a modern day Mary MacKillop, I suspect it is Trish Franklin. Ross Coulthard, Channel 7.

My life and family have been blessed to have shared life through her lens of integrity, dedication, commitment, strength, self-respect, and humanity. Anne Ryan.

Trish Franklin is a woman for all … She is her own person, loves swigging a beer, stands no nonsense but freely reaches out to people, is carefree about life yet dedicated to the Loreto mission … Trish laughs and prays out loud but is thoughtful, humble and gracious. Anna Gingell.



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