[The Age, 17 April 2015] Just hours before tonight’s mega debate in HCMC between the Australians and New Zealanders that “New Zealand should become a state of New Zealand” (click here), the Melbourne Age Newspaper has published an article by Harold Mitchell saying that, It’s time to merge Australia and New Zealand.

Below is an edited extract of the original article.

I’ve always argued that the best leaders are those who plan a long way ahead. Our political forefathers who formed the Federation of Australia in 1901 planned for it to last more than 100 years and it has…

A union of Australia and New Zealand would be much more than just an invincible rugby combination.

Next weekend will be all about the Anzacs  and bravery of Aussie and Kiwi soldiers who lost their lives at Gallipoli fighting with something that made very little sense but gave birth to a combined national spirit that has lived on for a century. We were brothers in arms then, and I wonder if, in this rapidly changing and competitive world, we should formalise a new national family – a unified single nation of Australia and New Zealand.

I think we can create a bigger and stronger country through the greater use of our resources and a more muscular approach to the emerging giant nations of Asia.  Right now, Australia is the 12th biggest economy in the world, but we are in danger of slipping.  New Zealand is fighting hard and doing well but nevertheless it is 54th in the world…

And economics aside, the land of the long white cloud is Australian’s favourite country. A 2012 Lowy Institute poll found that 85 per centof Australians feel warmly towards Kiwis.  The US is a distant second at 71 per cent…

So in this special Anzac week let’s use our freedom and our strength to begin planning for a great future for Australasia.

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