AusCham is delighted to confirm that Ms Tori Dixon-Whittle (Hanoi) has  been elected unopposed as AusCham’s Vice President following the resignation of Mr David Carter (Hanoi) who will assume a new position in Thailand.

The Board elected Ms Dixon-Whittle as Vice President at its national meeting held on Tuesday, 12 December 2017.

Under AusCham’s Charter, the position of Vice President had to be filled by a Hanoi-based Director in Hanoi (to ensure genuine national representation, AusCham’s Charter stipulates that the President and Vice President must not reside in the same city. With our current President, Ms Chau Ta, residing in HCMC, the VP had to be based in Hanoi).

Ms Dixon-Whittle will hold the position until at least the next Annual General Meeting which will be held on 27 March 2018. As per the Charter, all Directors who wish to continue in the next term must stand for re-election. Additionally, all office bearers’ positions will be declared vacant and the new Board will then need to elect office bearers.

(For those members interested in standing for election in 2018, please refer to details from the 2017 Annual General Meeting or email

AusCham congratulates Tori on her election as Vice President.

AusCham also thanks David Carter most sincerely for his commitment and effort as both a Director and Vice President. AusCham wishes him the very best in the next stage of his career in Thailand.



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