Financial Review, 6 October 2015. TPP: Vietnam opens up but educators want more, by Tim Dodd.

An edited extract of the original article is reproduced below.

The Australian education sector has welcomed the prospect of easier access to set up courses in Vietnam, which Trade Minister Andrew Robb has lauded as a benefit of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement…

The major benefit of the TPP for Australian universities, TAFEs and private colleges is the prospect of being able to offer a wider range of courses locally in Vietnam, where strict Vietnamese regulations have made this difficult even though it is Australia’s third largest education market and demand for in-country courses is strong.

RMIT University has been long been established in Vietnam, but other educators have met barriers.

While Mr Honeywood welcomed the Vietnam breakthrough he warned that “the devil will be in the detail.”…

But Mr Riordan said he hoped there would be more detail about the TPP released than for the recent China free trade agreement…

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