It’s the weekend and wouldn’t some Australian fresh milk be delicious in an iced coffee? Or poured over your corn flakes…

And wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where the milk came from… But back to the farm gate??

Thanks to AusCham Member, Pactum Dairy Group, and IDP (International Dairy Products), it is now possible thanks to some clever technology.

This morning, AusCham purchased a carton of LiF Fresh Milk from the supermarket. It easily passed the “Taste Test” – but what about the “Trace Test”.

On the top of the carton, you can see the “Use By” date. there is a also a second date which is the “Date Packaged”. In this case, the milk was packaged on 10 March 2016 (see screen shots below).

  • Go to the website at
  • Click on the “Trace Now” button
  • Punch in the date packaged – ie 10/03/2016
  • A Google map will appear with full details of where the farm is located and its distance from Pactum’s factory. In this case it was collected from LOT 70 Mayrung Rd, Lindifferon NSW 2710 (near Deniliquin) and was transported 270kms in 3hrs and 34 minutes to the Pactum Dairy Group at 1/102 Old Dookie Road, Shepparton in Victoria.
  • There the milk underwent UHT pateurisation technology and a quality assurance check before being packaged within 24 hours on 10 March 2016.
  • The carton of milk was then transported to Vietnam.

Now, trace the AusCham carton of milk yourself.

  • Visit the Lif website’s Trace Now page
  • Punch in the packaging date of 10/03/2016
  • Follow the prompts

Australian products, including LiF milk from Pactum Dairy Group, are passing the Taste Tests and Traceability Tests with flying colours!

Pactum 7

Pactum 6

Pactum 5

Pactum 4

Pactum 3

Pactum 2

Pactum 1


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