Last Thursday night at Sundowners (3 July 2014) in HCMC, Libby Brownlie
presented the booklets, funded by AusCham, to Executive Director, Phil Johns.
Below, Libby explains more…

AusCham granted Trinh Foundation Australia funding some
time ago to print several thousand of these two booklets:

The first booklet is a Glossary of Speech Therapy

and it has been distributed to a wide range of
hospitals both in and outside of HCMC. They are also provided to interpreters
who work for us, particularly in the clinical training terms throughout this
training course.

The second booklet is called “Communicating
with People With Aphasia”. It contains guidelines for people (and their
family and friends) who have communication problems after a stroke or brain injury.
This was a Professional Project of a group of students in the first Speech
Therapy course (2010-12).

While the funding for the printing of these
booklets was granted quite some time ago, getting the required permissions,
contracts and so forth has been a significant process.

There is a third booklet that is close to being
printed. It’s also a Professional Project from the first course that looks at
working with people who have swallowing problems – again written to support the
patient as well as their family members.

A number of copies of these booklets are also being
taken to Australia, for the benefit of Vietnamese people with communication and
swallowing problems over there.

The students of the second Speech Therapy course
are working hard on their Professional Projects as we approach Graduation in
October. We hope that some of them will also be producing resources worthy of
being printed and widely distributed.

So, on behalf of Trinh Foundation Australia, thanks
again to AusCham for the support you have given us to be able to extend the
benefit of speech therapy in this country as well as for the Vietnamese
population in Australia.