UNIS Hanoi is looking for a Financial Controller position.

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Position overview

Responsible for the efforts and results of the Business Office and Business Administration functions.
Reporting to the DFO in regard to all financial and business related activities. Create, implement and maintain management reporting and statistical analysis to ensure sound management practices.


1. Accounting
● Oversee all school accounts and investments
● Create monthly and annual reports to identify results, trends, and financial forecasts
● Manage cash flow by tracking transactions and regularly reviewing internal reports
● Supervise and manage financial department staff, including accountants and financial assistants
● Motivate and lead finance team members by clarifying roles and providing helpful feedback
● Research, propose and implement approved updates and improvements for accounting systems, including payroll, invoicing and management reports
● Ensure that all financial transactions are properly recorded, filed, and reported
● Establish and implement financial reporting systems to comply with accounting standards and any required regulations and legislation
● Collaborate with auditors to ensure proper compliance with all regulations. Prepare all necessary schedules as required for the annual audit.
● Develop budgets and financial plans for the school based on research and data reports
● Review all financial plans and budgets regularly to look for cost reduction opportunities
● Examine all financial reports and data closely to check for discrepancies. Meet with Budget Owners as required.
● Create systems to prevent errors in data collection and calculations
● Prepare timely and accurate financial information for all funds
● Prepare and assist in presenting reports to senior executives, stakeholders, and board members.

2. Budgeting
● Responsible to prepare annual budgets and reforecasts in collaboration with the Director of Finance and Operations.
● Wok with budget owners to ensure active management of expenditures in all areas of the school

3. Cash-flow management
● Provide recommendations to Director of Finance and Operations on movement of funds to/from fixed deposits, whilst maximizing interest income
● Minimise foreign exchange losses with prudent cash management
● Control of bank and other borrowings

4. Accounting procedures and Internal Controls
● Review, develop, recommend and implement all approved Accounting procedures and practices to staff;
● Collaborate with the Director of Finance and Operations on the research, development, testing and implementation of new administrative and accounting systems.
● Design and implement technology innovations and financial management for all ancillary operations of the School, such as the food services, school store, procurement stores, co-curricular activities

5. Risk and Grant management
● Participates in the Risk assessment and review process; implement and monitor action plans related to financial risk factors
● Preparation and management of any school grant processes
● Oversees Risk Management function of the school

6. Oversee Business Administration Functions
● Transportation
● School “Spirit” Store
● Purchasing & Contract Management
● Records Retention

7. Direct Reports
● Accounting Supervisor
● BO Secretary
● Procurement Manager
● Transportation Manager
● Shop Coordinator

8. Other duties as required by the Director of Finance & Operations

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