Vietnam Factories to Turn Waste Into Art, by Ha Nguyen, VOA, 19 December 2016.

An Australian researcher, Jane Gavan of the University of Sydney (AusCham Member), is bringing together local universities and manufacturing to raise innovation.

A “Factories as Studios Vietnam” Exhibition is currently open at the University of Architecture, HCMC at 196 Pasteur Str. Ward 6, D3, from 9am – 5pm until Friday 23 December. For further information, click here.

An edited extract of the original article is reproduced below.

In most places, metal scraps and plastic cases end up on the factory room floor, bound for recycling or disposal. But a new project is showing Vietnamese how to transform these manufacturing supplies into works of art.

The “Factories as Studios Vietnam” program has big ambitions.

It is not just trying to give factory workers a creative outlet; it also hopes the program will make them more satisfied, productive workers and bring greater innovation to the manufacturing sector. The sector is rising in importance for Vietnam as investors pour money into electronics and textiles plants to feed the exports that are underpinning one of the world’s highest economic growth rates.

“You know, the worker is repeating the same thing, day by day,” said Vu Viet Thanh, chief of post-graduate training at the University of Architecture, a partner in the project. He said laborers need some “refreshment” from the monotony of the assembly line. “But when they see something new, that is the chance for them — art is for everyone”…

Jane Gavan, senior lecturer at the Sydney College of the Arts at the University of Sydney (who is spearheading the initiative) said at the recent exhibit opening at the architecture school (that) companies benefit through exposure to new ideas and products, while artists benefit by experimenting with a novel medium for expression, which also reduces industrial waste..



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