An AusCham Member is currently seeking a Managing Director (Vietnamese fluent) for its rapidly expanding business in the entertainment industry. The vacancy would be well suited to a Senior Australian Business Alumni. For further information or questions regarding the position, please email.

A brief position description is detailed below.

The successful candidate, who can speak Vietnamese fluently (may also be a foreigner or Viet Kieu with language skills), will be the main channel of communication between the company’s operations and its CEO.

She/he will give a clear picture to the BOD about the company’s direction and performance in a given period of time by formulating its future growth plans and evaluating the results.

The Managing Director’s major responsibilities and duties include:

  • Setting a budget within the organization
  • Giving directions to the employees so that the company’s vision can be fulfilled
  • Creating, communicating, and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction
  • Developing and implementing the strategies of the company
  • Evaluating the results
  • Preparing annual operating plans as per the directions set by CEO & BOD
  • Submitting the operating plans for approval
  • Setting up long term and short term goals for the organization
  • Evaluating staff performances against their responsibilities to achieve the company’s targets
  • Informing / updating staff and BOD as appropriate
  • Managing marketing opportunities
  • Overseeing the sales and marketing strategies
  • Directing the marketing team to meet its goals which include the development of PR initiatives
  • Overseeing the entire operations of all properties
  • Leading the new projects in Operations and Sales & Marketing


  • Build a healthy work environment
  • Create long term and short term goals for the organization
  • Create a strong team of leaders
  • Make others fall in love with their jobs by assigning responsibilities to the right people at the right time
  • Recognise and reward people for their achievements in a timely and appropriate manner

Brief of the Company

The company is the country’s leading developer and operator in the Entertainment Industry. Its portfolio includes two amusement parks and three indoor family entertainment centers (FEC). The company expects to grow strongly with up to 25 FECs by the end of 2015.

The company’s philosophy is to offer a harmonious working environment where passion is the key driver and everyone enjoys a challenging, yet rewarding, journey.

This position will report to the CEO and be directly responsible for a team of senior members including the Executive Director, CFO and all General Managers.

For further information

Please email your CV.