VBF would like to kindly inform you that given the current situation and new cabinet, Ministry of Planning & Investment (“MPI”) just decided we need to delay the organization of the Midterm VBF and combine it with the Annual VBF. The Annual VBF 2016, therefore, could be held earlier than normal practice (around November 2016). The delay is attributable to the following reasons:

  • The new government cabinet has just been established and the government system has been not well settled. The new Minister and new Prime Minister have been undertaking many visits during this time.
  • Given the fact that, there has been much changes and adjustments in the transition period, MPI is not ready to be prepared for the Midterm VBF while some of key staff/managers in Foreign Investment Agency – MPI who are mainly responsible for VBF events will go on business trips abroad at the same period.
  • MPI reviewed position papers submitted by some chambers and working groups for the meeting with Prime Minister on 29th April at HCMC and found the issues are nearly the same as those in the Annual VBF 2015. They would propose the delay for both VBF and MPI  to have more time for the most effective and well-prepared Forum of new and old issues.

In the context of the new government cabinet, they hope they can work on fresh ideas and initiatives from business community for some changes in the forum format with a view to enriching our forum and attracting great attention from government leaders as well as other stakeholders.

They are sorry that if this unexpected changes will impact on your work schedule that you save dates for Midterm Forum, but are glad to hear that the new leadership is very interesting in seeing VBF continue to grow. VBF will revert to you later about preparation for the fall Forum.

Last but not least, VBF would like to thank very much the Chambers and Working Groups for your contribution to the VBF’s submissions to the PM event April 29th in HCMC. The event and submissions gave VBF another opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations, and they are including these submissions on our website.


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