Following a meeting with the Minister for Planning and Investment on 27 July 2016, the VBF has prepared some detailed meeting notes and action points. From this, the VBF is seeking feedback from interested stakeholders, particularly with respect to the format of the Vietnam Business Forum which will be held at the end of 2016. The VBF has set a deadline of 12 August 2016. Feedback should be forwarded to the VBF Secretariat at  

To update your issues incl. old/raised ones and newly arisen ones, please use the Template for collecting old & new issues_VBF to ensure consistency among Chambers and WGs

Please be kindly noted that your update will focus on and be divided into 2 clear parts:

  • Old/pending issues were raised in 2015 (Annual VBF 2015 in Dec) with their status/progress.

VBF was requested by MPI to conduct/present a thorough review on old/pending issues. This task as well as the expected outcome would be good for both business community and the Government of Vietnam in looking back and taking further consolidated actions.

  • New issues raised in 2016


Dear VBF Board Members and Chambers’ Representatives,

Following up the meeting with the MPI Minister, we prepared a Meeting Notes in details for the meeting and enclosed here for your review.

Some of the key points from the meeting are as follows:


Comments and suggestion by the new Minister

  • The new Minister recognized and highly appreciated the VBF’s role
  • He strongly insisted on VBF’s renovation by having new way of thinking, new working method to enhance VBF’s significance and contribution in the new context with rapid changes.
  • He would like to see VBF’s further contribution to Vietnam in terms of institutional development, building law/regulations and sustainable economic growth. The Ministry and the Government are interested in the following issues: climate change, drought, saltwater intrusion, international integration, use of natural resources, food safety, health care, education, social welfare, gap between the rich and the poor, price transfer, environmental protection, technology transfer and more cooperation with Vietnamese businesses, linkage between domestic business community and foreign investors, promoting SMEs and supporting industry…
  • He would suggest the annual VBF 2016 to focus on thematic discussion, i.e: only selecting 1 or 2 specific topics/issues for discussion.
  • From FORMOSA case, he would propose VBF to raise our strong voice, convey message to business community and take some actions in sending warning signals and preventing bad investors in the course of environmental protection.


Suggestions by Mrs. Victoria Kwawa

  • In addition to the half day events VBF normally has which give an update of the ongoing policy dialogue on various themes, certain particular themes that are of interest to the business community and Government should be explored and brainstorming on how private sector can be involved. Clean energy, renewable energy, climate change mitigation and social responsibilities of the private sector are good thematic topics/sessions for discussion.
  • Enhancing the regular VBF discussion to focus thematic issue or finding ways to weave the very key priority into the normal VBF discussion.
  • Suggesting to look at some of these very specific themes and find a mechanism, either within the existing VBF format or as an additional thematic discussion separated from the normal VBF meeting to raise these issues and continue to discuss with the private sector.


The tentative date for the annual VBF 2016 is at the end of Nov or early Dec. Early Dec is more preferred by MPI.

The working agenda for annual VBF 2016 needs more brainstorming from VBF’s members and MPI to have a new format

Further information and details of the meeting are referred to the file below:


From the above-mentioned meeting results and in preparation for the annual VBF 2016 that needs some renovation as requested by the new Minister, we would much appreciate your feedback opinion and contribution/brainstorming ideas to the VBF 2016 format or anything that you find good and necessary to VBF:

  • Your feedback opinion and contribution should be sent to VBF at before COB of 12 August 2016
  • The meeting among VBF Board Members, Working Group’s Heads is tentatively held at the last week of August to discuss about Annual VBF 2016 and future VBF. The meeting details will be sent to you in due course.
  • In the meantime, VBF kindly ask for your update on your current issues and new arisen ones. We will send you a separate email to suggest a template on updating issues.



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