[Update: 9 June 2016]

Dear Chambers,

In continuation of the below email, Prime Minister just issued an urgent decision to request MPI to submit the Official letter from MPI_Investment and Enterprise Law “Draft Law on amending and supplementing to Laws about investment and businesses/Dự thảo Luật sửa đổi, bổ sung các luật về đầu tư kinh doanh”. The Draft Law will be reviewed and approved in the first session of National Assembly in July 2016.

Due to this emergency, by official letter, MPI urgently requested VBF’s strong cooperation in contributing comments to MPI in the development process of the Draft Law. The details of the request letter are as follows:

  1. Review and summarize difficulties/obstacles during the implementation process of Investment Law, Enterprise Law and guidance documents
  2. Review and summarize difficulties/obstacles/conflict caused by inconsistency between legal documents about land, construction, land, residential housing, urban, real estate, procurement, environment, trade, education, technology…and regulations in Investment and Enterprise Laws.
  3. Your specific recommendations to amend and supplement Laws in order to address difficulties/obstacles/conflicts mentioned in Item 1 and 2 (which article needs to be revised and how you propose to revise)

For the urgency, MPI would appreciate to receive your first feedback/contribution within your focused sectors before 12.00 AM of 13th June 2016as the prioritized deadline. After this deadline, if you have any further comments, you could send to us before 16th June 2016.

You can use the the Template_Contribution to Law amending other Laws in investment and business_REV for contribution/comments. The Vietnamese version of contribution/comments is given high priority. The English version can be sent later.

[Original post: 30 May 2016]

Ministry of Planning and Investment (“MPI”) repeatedly asked VBF’s strong support in thoroughly reviewing, bringing up and listing all difficulties, obstacles and conflicts during the implementation/adoption process of Investment & Enterprise Laws in relation/reference to other specialized Laws in all sectors such as: Laws on Land, Securities, Environment, Construction, Tourism, Banking…

The outcome will facilitate the Government to revise relevant laws in the upcoming time. This is an early stage to take actions in a great deal of our efforts in shortening list of concerns or removing restrictions that are still existing to hinder the development of business environment.

As such, VBF would kindly request for your cooperation and support in this matter and would highly appreciate your contribution for the common sake of improved environment.

Please be kindly noted that:

  • You can provide your findings, comments and obstacles in the attached template in both English and Vietnamese. Pls CLICK HERE to download the template.
  • Your contribution will be sent to VBF Secretariat at info@vbf.org.vn before 26th June 2016.We remain at your disposal for any further questions.

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