On 17 March, 2016, the Victorian Government (the Victorian Government Business Office – South East Asia is an AusCham Member) launched the Future Industries Sector Strategies and a range of programs to support initiatives and activities to drive competitiveness in these industries.

The Future Industries Sector Strategies are:

  1. – Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals
  2. – New Energy Technology
  3. – Food and Fibre
  4. – Transport Technologies
  5. – Defence
  6. – Construction Technologies
  7. – International Education
  8. – Professional Services

These Strategies are a key component of the Victorian Government’s economic development agenda for the next 1-4 years and consequently underpin plans and activity in the broader ASEAN region.

For further information

  • To access the Strategies on line, click here.
  • For general information about Melbourne and Victoria – and a summary of the sectors above, download the pdf document, Melbourne Flagship Booklet.



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