The Corporate Account Program is designed as a comprehensive solution, which both reduces travel costs and improves service quality for companies and organizations who are frequent users of Vietnam Airlines.
I. Benefit when participate in CA Program:

-With rewarded points accumulated when CA achieves its turnover target, CA may choose from some of the following benefits: Discount or free of charge ticket, free upgrade, free of charge excess baggage, business lounge ticket in Vietnam Airports, and Lotusmiles card.

-Comprehensive benefit for CA (turnover will be counted as the total of both domestic and international routes)

-Prioritized in verifying seats, routes, ticket prices

– Have an appointed Vietnam Airlines executive to assist with other airlines services.

– Being served by experienced and qualified VNA travel agencies.
II. How to join the CA program:

–  Vietnam – based companies and organizations (excluding tour operators, labor companies and booking agents) with legal operation authorization.

–  Attaining a minimum annual turnover of VND 1.2 billion/year on both domestic and international flights.

– Signing the Corporate Account agreement with Vietnam Airlines. The agreement shall be signed by top manager or person with authorization.

*Turnover is excluding all fare for tour outbound, Labor, seaman, IOM passenger, Student and all tax, fee.
III. Form of cooperation and service plans: 

– Contract between 02 parties, CA and Vietnam Airlines.

– CA will be served by qualified travel agencies according to VNA criteria or directly by Vietnam Airlines ticket office.

* Maximum travel agency: 02 travel agencies (with the turnover of 2 billion VND/year), the share of each CA must exceed 30% total sales of the CA.
IV. Term accumulated: Based on Corporate Account’s travel plan, Corporate Account and Vietnam Airlines discuss and fix reachable turnover target for Corporate Account.

– Quarterly

– Annual
V. CA redeem point:

1. Redeem point Redeem point is the reward unit used in the program. With redeem points accumulated into CA account when achieving its turnover target, CA may use it to exchange for various benefits.
2. Condition for receiving redeem point

– CA will receive redeem points only when achieving turnover target;

– For new CA/ CA without international turnover of the same period / only domestic CA / international annual turnover less than $ 60,000/ year: if CA achieves target turnover, the benefit is 3% based on committed turnover.

– For CA with international turnover more than $60,000/year: if CA achieves target turnover, the benefit is 3%, furthermore if the CA earns more than 90% of international sales at the same period, The maximum benefit is 4.5% based on committed turnover.
3. Redeem point calculation:

– Term accumulated: Quarterly, annual

– Usable duration of redeem point: 12 months from the last date of the term accumulated.

– Redeem point is calculated based on qualified sales result of the eligible booking classes.

– Redeem point rate: Equal to 3% to 4.5 % of the qualified sales result.

– Extra turnover: Redeem point rate will be applied for every VND 10,000,000 over target.
4. Awards:

– Discount, free of charge tickets

– Service upgrade

– Free of charge excess baggage

– Lotusmiles Titan, Gold and Platinum cards

– Business Lounge ticket
In addition to the CA redeem points, VNA launch quarterly programs to encourage the use of VNA products and provide practical benefits such as free tickets; upgrade ticket; LotuSmiles Cards…. In some cases, besides the existing CA redeem points, VNA will consider supporting additional benefits based on the demand and scale of sales of the unit.
For more information regarding the program, please contact us at: NORTHERN REGIONAL BRANCH OF VIETNAM AIRLINES JSC Address: 25 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi. Tel: 04-62700200, ext: 4332 Email:


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