Business EnvoyAustralia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has just published the March 2017 issue of Business Envoy – and Vietnam is featured.

Articles include:

  1. Ambassador’s dispatch: Mr Craig Chittick, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam
    The old Vietnam I knew has been replaced by a new, cutting-edge Vietnam: more dynamic, richer, and more aspirational than ever.
  2. Growing a more market economy
  3. Focus on Regional Free Trade Agreements
  4. From Hanoi: Mekong Delta opportunities in water management

Below is a contribution from AusCham’s President, Ms Chau Ta.

Unlocking opportunities in Vietnam’s 63 provinces

Chau Ta, AusCham Vietnam

Although Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are Vietnam’s economic hubs and the main destinations for foreign direct investment, any traveller to Vietnam quickly appreciates the diversity of the country and the strong sense of local and regional identity.

Vietnam’s 58 provinces and five centrally-controlled municipalities are increasingly alert to trade and investment opportunities and are looking to engage more directly with international partners.

The Memorandum of Understanding concluded last October between the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Vietnam’s Department for Foreign Affairs of Provinces was a strategic breakthrough.

It greatly increases AusCham’s reach and access to each of the 61 provinces and municipalities outside of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, and in turn provides these provinces with greater access to Australian businesses. AusCham is now offering members better access to information about projects and opportunities across the country, as well as enhanced access to decision makers in people’s committees, suppliers and resources (including land). Preliminary results are very encouraging, with members finding new business opportunities in provinces that have been promoted via AusCham and being introduced to new provincial suppliers.

We expect enquiries from members will grow as the level of awareness, interest and confidence increases.


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