[23 April 2015. Tuoi Tre News] Tuoi Tre News, in an article published on 23 April 2015 has written that Vietnam premier (is) angered by year-long rigmarole of selecting investors.

An edited extract of the original article is reproduced below.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung finds it unacceptable for state agencies to take as long as almost two years to select investors for infrastructure development projects.

The premier even took such technological advance as sending humans to the moon to illustrate that Vietnam is lagging far behind the world in its modernization bid, as he addressed an online conference from Hanoi on Tuesday.

The event was held to recap the implementation of Resolution No.13 on infrastructure development so that Vietnam could basically become an industrialized country by 2020.

It seems a rough road for the Southeast Asian nation to go then, with Ho Chi Minh City leaders telling the conference that the formalities to choose investors for infrastructure development remain complicated, as it takes as many as 588 days to complete them.

The figure left the prime minister in astonishment and apparent displeasure.

“My goodness, how could you do anything when it takes more than five hundred days or more than a year only to select the investors?” he asked.

“People have traveled to outer space, the moon and returned several times but you have yet to finish selecting the investors. How would you carry out our industrialization and modernization mission then, my comrades?”

The premier requested that the issue should be seriously considered and tackled “in the nearest time.”

“We [have] set the procedures and we have to fix their problems,” he said.

“The management should be reformed in a way that is most convenient for members of the public and businesses.”

Resolution No.13 took effect in January 2012 and has since yielded positive results after more than three years of implementation, the prime minister said…

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