Thanh Nien News, 3 December 2015. Vietnam promises change after asked to ease visa policy for Australian, US citizens.

An edited extract of the original article is reproduced below.

Business groups from Australia, Japan and the US in Vietnam have asked the government to ease its visa policy for their business persons, local media reported.

They were speaking at the year-end session of the Vietnam Business Forum in Hanoi on Tuesday, where they criticized Vietnam for failing to open entry for investors and tourists from other member states of the Pacific Rim trade bloc TPP, which Vietnam is joining…

David Carter, representative of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, was also urging Vietnamese government to expand its visa waiver program to more countries, including Australia and New Zealand, to boost trade, investment and tourism.

Vietnam currently waives visa requirements for citizens of 21 countries, a small number compared to its neighbors such as Malaysia, whose visa exemption list has 164 countries, the Philippines with 157 countries and Thailand with 52 countries, he said.

Carter also requested the Vietnamese government double the length of stay for visa-free visitors, which is currently capped at 15 days for non-ASEAN citizens…


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