Vietnam seeks Australian expertise in agribusiness R&D and education, Austrade, 4 February 2016.

An edited extract of the original article is reproduced below.

Australian businesses, research and education institutions are encouraged to examine the growing opportunities in Vietnam’s agribusiness sector.

In 2010, the Vietnamese Government set a target of 3.5 per cent annual growth in agriculture up until 2020. In order to reach this target, Vietnam is encouraging private-sector investment in the country’s education, training, research and development sectors.

Agriculture is a critical component of Vietnam’s economic development and food security. It generates about 22 per cent of GDP, comprises nearly 30 per cent of exports and employs over half the country’s labour force.

Despite significant achievements in recent years, Vietnam’s tertiary education system has been outpaced by the agribusiness sector’s rapid growth. As a result, the nation is struggling to meet demand for qualified agriculture graduates, quality education providers and R&D staff and facilities.

The Vietnamese Government is implementing broad reforms to its education system to meet the needs of its agribusiness sector.

Janelle Casey, Austrade’s Acting Senior Trade Commissioner for Vietnam, believes conditions are ideal for Australian organisations to showcase their training and research strengths, innovation expertise and new technologies to Vietnam’s agriculture industry…



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