Australian Football clubs in Asia are pleased to announce AFL

Asia has been formed.

The new body was created at a meeting attended by Asian football
club presidents in Bangkok two weeks ago.

AFL Asia will initially bring together 16 clubs from 11
countries in south-east and north-east Asia under the one umbrella
organisation. Additional clubs are expected to join in the coming years.

The establishment of AFL Asia is also the first step towards a
formal affiliation with the Australian Football League (AFL).

AFL Asia’s newly elected President, Phil Johns (Vietnam Swans)
described the development as “a game changer for Australian Football in the
Asian Century”.

AFL Asia, as the regional alliance aims to:

  • Greatly increase the visibility of footy in Asia
  • Encourage and facilitate the development of local players
  • Provide greater structure and coordination resulting in more footy
  • Use Australia’s signature sport as a vehicle to promote Australian interests
  • Provide a catalyst and ongoing interest for Asia’s growing alumni of former players
  • Attract additional resources to support the above


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