[UPDATE, 21 May, 2015. The Vietnam Swans have advised that, “thanks to the generosity of many sponsors and supporters, we were able to use the occasion (of the 2015 ANZAC Friendship Match) to raise VND33.5 million (approx USD1,513) for our charities Swim Vietnam and the Centres for the Social Protection of Children in Vung Tau and Long Hai through our auctions and raffles”.]

The Vietnam Swans have taken the 6th Annual ANZAC Friendship Match which was played on Saturday 25 April 2015 at the Vung Tau Dog Racing Track, formerly known as the Lord Mayor’s Oval.

The hosts had a convincing win against the reigning Asian Champs, the Singapore Wombats.

The results – 2015 ANZAC Friendship Match

Vietnam Swans 13.12.90 Def. Singapore Wombats 7.7.49.

Swans goal kickers:

  • Grant Keys – 3
  • Tom Doer – 3
  • SOS – 2
  • Joe Vile – 2
  • Andy Glendinning – 1
  • Mitch Hyde – 1
  • Tim Clements – 1

President – Grant Keys
Coach – Andy Glendinning
Captain – Billy Crang

A number of veterans were present including four veterans who actually played on the the same oval between 1966 and 1971. Numerous other Veterans were also in attendance.

Commonwealth Bank* Cup

In the preliminary match, the Commonwealth Bank Cup, the Al Fresco’s All Stars took on the Lagler Legends.

The results

Al Fresco’s All Stars: 7. 12. 54  Def. Lagler Legends 5. 10. 40

Al Fresco’s All Stars:

  • Best on Ground: Andy Marr
  • Coach: Rowan Luke
  • Captain: Paul Koch

Lagler Legends:

  • Best on Ground: Troy Watchorn
  • Coach: Michael Johnston
  • Captain: Kyle Hackenberg

The history and tradition of the ANZAC Friendship Weekend continues to grow in stature. Money raised on the day is also donated to the Vung Tau and Long Hai Orphanages as well as Swim Vietnam.

Background of the ANZAC Friendship Match: For full background, click here for the relevant page on the Vietnam Swans’ website.

Photo: 1967 Premiership Player in the VFL (Vietnam Football League), Ron Vernon with the replica ANZAC Friendship Shield and the victorious Vietnam Swans.

* The Commonwealth Bank Cup is a 2015 Member and Bronze Sponsor of AusCham.