“4 Ways Fresh” chief executive, Mr Duy Ly has been named South Australia’s leading horticultural producer with the AUSVEG SA Grower of the Year Award. Mr Duy is now in the running for the national Grower of the Year award at the National Horticulture Convention on the Gold Coast on 25 June 2016.

Below is an edited extract taken from Adelaide’s Advertiser dated 27 May 2016. To view the original article, click here.


(Mr Duy said that) “We now own four properties at Virginia and we’re expanding to Geraldton in Western Australia to grow produce in Winter when we can’t grow it here.”

When Mr Ly left university with a degree in engineering he returned to the family business and gradually took control, becoming chief executive of 4 Ways Fresh and determined to build a structure that would continue for many years.

“The first 10 years was very hard with my brother and I working up to 20 hours a day until about three years ago when the business started to stabilise,” he said.

 “When you’ve been to rock bottom and get an opportunity you have to make the most of it. “My parents worked so hard and we rented 100 greenhouses, causing some people to think we were insane.”

Mr Ly then started to take on community roles including serving as president of the Vietnamese Farmers Association of South Australia for the past two years to help his fellow growers.

4 Ways Fresh grows cucumbers, capsicums, tomatoes, egg plants and zucchinis, and owns 15ha of greenhouses in Virginia and Geraldton and includes a large wholesaling operation marketing products for up to 80 growers around Australia.

Another division sells hybrid seeds including new lines such as lime cucumbers to create new niche products.

Mr Ly said the business employs about 35 people, but it has become very high tech and all the watering and feeding of plants in Geraldton is controlled from Virginia…

South Australian Business delegation to visit Vietnam in week commencing 30 May 2016



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