The Cattle Site, 13 August 2015. Viet Nam’s Fresh Milk Output Rises Despite Poor Prospects.

An edited extract of the original article appears below.

VIET NAM – Viet Nam expects to increase total volume of fresh milk to 2.6 billion litres by 2020 though the dairy industry will face numerous challenges while integrating with the world economy.

This was according to a representative of the Viet Nam Dairy Association, speaking at its meeting in HCM City, reported Viet Nam News.

The representative also said that the nation expects to make 1.9 billion litres of fresh milk this year.

Under a plan on development of the dairy industry by 2020 and then towards 2025, made by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, average consumption per capita will reach 21 litres of fresh milk this year, 27 litres in 2020 and 34 litres in 2025…

(However), according to the Livestock Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the free trade deals will bring tariffs down to really low levels or a zero rate, so the price of imported milk products will be low and local enterprises could increase milk imports. That means enterprises would reduce the purchasing price of milk for local farmers…

The domestic supply of milk has met just 28 per cent of the demand on processing milk products and yoghurt in Viet Nam, the department said.

“Meanwhile, the livestock industry would have to improve the breed of cows by importing superior breeds from foreign countries, including Australia and the Netherlands,” the director said…


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