Should you have just 30 seconds, please see the pictures of children from Nghe An and Ha Tinh who just went through heart surgery last week thanks to kind donation from 63 donors. Every dad and mom we met, he or she always told us that “My family is extremely happy. We don’t know how to thank you enough. My kid survives and I am so glad…!”

Every team member of HBVN is happy too, because once again we are able to see these children make it. Our happiness can be seen through the photo of Hung & Phuc brothers hugging each other in the hospital, Phuc’s eyes are bright and Hung’s smile shines, a large scar engraved on their chest as a proof for the important operation of their lifetime. Now, comparing with the old one taken with their grandma in that sad afternoon when they were sick and weak, this photo of Hung & Phuc is just so bright. There is undeniably a kind of light that is shining beyond all tactics of photography and the lamps there at the hospital room. It is THE LIGHT OF REVIVAL! In that moment, I notice the humble mother beside her two sons. Speechless though she is, I believe that in the Mother’s Day this year, seeing her little sons having chance to be alive makes her the happiest mother ever.
Dear all,

27 days after the first letter I wrote to you, to date (14 May), there have been as many as 55 children received enough funding, meaning 55 lives granted a new light. Behind each of 63 donors lie different stories and sympathy, and the Heartbeat Vietnam team wishes to cherish each of your kindness. While in every day of the today’s world there are worries and gloomy happenings, your love and compassion is the most precious source of light to us and to the kids.

“146 more to go” is our newest update to you, please support Heartbeat Vietnam to help all of these kids. Because one kid saved is one new light beam shining upon this life. Your every USD 1000 will be one more child in this long list having surgery.

Again, we thank you so much and we wish the best for your life to shine with happiness!

Bich Chau
Heartbeat Vietnam

A light for 55 kids 2

   A light for 55 kids 3