The Vietnam Private Business Forum (VPSF) is an initiative of the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs’ Association (VYEA), and the Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) belongs to Asia Development Bank (ADB). Set up to create a continuous and close dialogue mechanism between the Government of Vietnam and the private business community in domestics and overseas, with the objective of policy consultation to improve the business conditions, it’s necessary to push the development of the private sector, to contribute to the trade facilitation and the investment environment, to contribute to the country’s sustainable economic growth. Through the activities of the Forum, not only young entrepreneurs but all private sector entrepreneurs in Vietnam have the opportunity to raise their voices about difficulties, challenges as well as problems are facing.

In 2017, The 2nd Vietnam Business Forum will be held in late of July with the theme of “Inhale the effective of Public – Private partnerships for Economic Development” in the context of the Party and Governments are special focus on the importance of the roles of the private sector. The 5th plenum of the XIIth National Assembly has set aside a resolution on private economic development. The Government has also vigorously carried out many reforms, it is the policy to promote and support businesses but between policy and policy. There is also a gap and significant challenges for the bold private sector to go along with the Government to reach the targets of central point development.

In the framework of the VPSF 2017 activities, with the aim of enhancing the quality the voice of businesses, professionalizing recommendations, reflecting the status quo from the private sectors to the Government and other stakeholders, promoting discussion content at the July Forum as well as creating the VPSF 2017 White Book, VPSF / VYEA launches the first Confidence Index (CEO.CI) in Vietnam, technical support MBI (ADB) – to survey the corporate CEOs of companies for “health of the business”, thereby reflecting, evaluating “The health” of the domestic economic sectors.

The results of the survey after being analyzed by experts will be announced at VPSF 2017, as well as published in the 2017 White Book of the Vietnam Business Forum and sent to the National Assembly, Government leaders, Ministries, Committees, localities as well as organizations, agencies of special interest and will be widely shared in the business community. This will be a valuable reference channel for Entrepreneurs to assess the business environment, formulate medium and long term investment and business strategies, and create sustainability and stability of the economy. At the same time, CEO.CI will also be of great value to state agencies to determine policies, development solutions that are tailored to each sector / sector and to formulate policies that really effective in macroeconomic management.

With the above design and goals, we are looking forward to receiving the support of our esteemed Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Enhale the Voices of the business community, entrepreneurs in consultation activities, forthcoming Public-Private dialogue.

The Organizing Committee of VPSF 2017 would like to invite you to share information in the membership system for CEO members to participate in the survey in one of two ways: (1) posted on the web content association and link Online survey; (2) email CEO members about the survey to invite CEOs to participate.

  1. Time for survey: From June 5th to 30th 2017.
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