AusCham Member, Vinausteel will donate VND200,000 for every photo shared that demonstrates an effort to reduce emissions from the vehicle.

The initiative is being organised by the LIN Center for Community Development (LIN). LIN is a Vietnamese, registered, not-for-profit organization, with a mandate to provide technical and financial support to local nonprofits, donors and volunteers addressing current and emerging socioeconomic problems in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces. The 100GreenDays campaign is part of its “Narrow the Gap” initiative. Narrow the Gap facilitates community philanthropy, local people solving local problems.



From today, Monday, 13 July until Sunday, 19 July 2015, Vinausteel will contribute VND 200,000 for every photo shared that demonstrates an effort to reduce emissions from the vehicle.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a photo of something you walking/biking/taking a bus/sharing a ride
  2. Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram (use the “Public” setting) with 2 hashtags:
    #Vinausteel, #100GreenDays
  3. Share with friends and invite them to do the same.

100 per cent of the funds contributed will be invested into three projects, selected by the local community, which protect or improve our urban environment.

Other things you can do to support the 100GreenDays campaign:

Upcoming events:

About 100 Green Days:

100 Green Days seeks to inspire individuals to develop environmental protection habits while companies contribute financially to the Narrow the Gap Community Fund.

Starting on July 6th, Narrow the Gap will propose weekly acts that anyone can do to protect the environment. For each act that is completed and shared on social media, a corporate sponsor will donate an amount of money to the Narrow the Gap Fund for the Environment.

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