Nicole Kruger, a volunteer for Water Safety Vietnam (AusCham Member), provides an update on the organisation’s latest program.

Water Safety Vietnam (WSV) is currently running a three week program in Vũng Tau (near HCMC).

Last week we trained over 20 local physical education primary school teachers as Water Safety Vietnam Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety and ran a CPR course for them.

The program is being run by Jan Williams, an Australian AUSTSWIM presenter, with assistance from Marilla Gorman and Nicole Kruger.

This week and next, the program is being run at the Bien Dong Dolphin pool teaching 60 local children to swim over 10 days.

Bathers and equipment are donated to WSV. In turn, WSV gives the bathers to the children and the equipment is used to run the program.

All WSV staff are volunteers. They are able to travel to Vietnam and help thanks to donations.

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