Members and Friends

  • Next Tuesday, AusCham will cohost an “Education to Employment” Fair in HCMC that will bring together 19 top tier Australian tertiary institutions and prospective students – with a difference. This time, in what is believed to be a first,  we will introduce five “Employers of Choice” (AusCham members). Students making potentially life changing decisions on education should speak with those who will employ them tomorrow. Institutions educating tomorrow’s leaders should be speaking to employers today.  Today’s employers should be staying abreast with the latest developments in
    trainingtomorrow’s workforce. The Education to Employment Fair makes all this possible.
  • As part of AusCham’s strategy of raising the profile and perceived value of those with an Australian education, plans for a “Welcome Back” event for fresh graduates on 1 February are progressing. Please advise if you would like further information.
  • As reported in today’s Vietnam News, $5,565 was raised for Heartbeat Vietnam at last weekend’s Tabcorp Saigon Cup. The event was considered an
    outstanding success by those who attended. It ticked every box – except one. Click here for full details.