AusCham is delighted to welcome Decibel Architecture Pty Ltd as a Corporate Non resident member in 2017/18


At Decibel Architecture our purpose is to design a better future.
Our architecture is imagined with, formed for and shaped by our clients’ aspirations.

Be it to heal, to educate, to house or to inspire: we work to discover our clients’ projects true potential. Only then can we together truly create on purpose.

The Decibel Architecture team have conceived and delivered world leading excellence in sustainability, culture, healthcare and visionary creative. We are continuously driven to question the status quo and find value, efficiency and fresh solutions.

We are Instruments of Change.

Contributing as architects and designers, we are shaping positive change in the world.
 We work across scales, typologies and the human sphere to design a better future. 
Our projects are grounded equally in outrageous promise and humble reality. They are the foundation of quality, thinking and process that informs the

next adventure with our clients.

Dylan Brady is the Conductor at Decibel Architecture (dB(A)) and the practice is founded on the experience and expertise of both his and the team’s individual history and together as studio505.

studio505 produced some extraordinary buildings and outcomes over its 15 years of operations and the heritage of our work there is proudly worn by the dB(A) team.

dB(A) is the home of a renewed clarity in our team and a rejuvenated process in understanding, exploring and delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients and their clients.



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