AusCham is delighted to welcome En Pointe Management Corporation as a new Corporate member in 2019/20.


Enpointe Management Company is focused on building a collective of the most creative, passionate and talented individuals in Vietnam, to unlock the tremendous value within our rapidly  growing Group ecosystem.

We encourage individuals to be the best versions of themselves, and to express their creativity through various disciplines mediums and platforms available within the group.
We live by “Shaping the future through the arts” and it is driven by our core values of:
Challenge, Creativity, Compassion and Community.
We challenge the status quo of what is possible and what is impossible.
We find solutions to problems through our creativity.
We grow through compassion.
We belong to this community.

Enpointe Management looks after a conglomerate of companies specializing in 3 main portfolios:

Shaping Vietnam’s future generation through the power of creative education, with full education pathways for our Vietnamse children to become ambassadors for life.

Arts and Culture
Bringing the best of the East and the West together, to mold and foster an appreciation of the arts from grassroots to industry, and in doing so, pushing the limits of human expression.

Full 360-media capacity, from the development/production of high-level content, to distribution through multi-platforms for maximum amplification. Our media aims to connect the world to Vietnam and Vietnam to the world, in order to create a truely Glocal community.

This is Enpointe Management Company.

Total Number of Staff (Globally): 29

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